chalet für 2 personen mit whirlpool steiermark With a spectacular mountain panorama
across the Feistritz valley,
playground, campfire,
hot tub and sauna

Welcome to Glühwürmchenhütte in Styria

Our two luxury chalets are surrounded by a spectacular mountain panorama across the Feistritz valley – discover wellness and luxury living and experience nature, total peace and share unforgettable memories! The two cozy luxury chalets provide the ideal environment to relax, to go hiking or skiing, and to experience nature and culture. In the midst of nature at an altitude of 1100 meters, you can enjoy the calm and relax, or plan an adventure trip, for instance with canyoning, horse riding or paragliding. In the evening, relax in the hot tub or in the professional sauna with a view on the mountain forest, have a chat around the campfire next to the chalet, or have a barbecue and party.

Discover Styria from your own chalet

Glühwürmchenhütte – Chalet Firefly – can accommodate up to 8 adults and two children under 5. A lovely playground for the little ones is on the premises, and your dog is welcome, too! Romantikhütte – Chalet Romance – is suitable for two adults and one child under 5, slightly removed on the same lot. Naturally, you can also rent both chalets together. An ideal place to celebrate an event or to have a relaxed vacation together in perfect surroundings!

The ski region Hauereck is right next to the chalets; in winter, you can ski from the slopes to your cozy luxury chalet. A sled run is also right there. Snowshoeing in the vicinity is another option for physical activity all by yourself with nature. In the quaint Styrian chalets, wood burning stoves provide a particularly cozy atmosphere in the evening; experiencing the hot pot in the open when it’s freezing is a must, and you will never forget the stone-pine sauna with large windows opening to the panorama.

In summer, the mountain chalets in Styria, the “green heart of Austria”, offer many amenities – a barbecue terrace, a playground, a fishpond with waterfall; raspberries, blackberries and blueberries and a herb garden are there on the grounds. Sports like hiking, canyoning, horse riding at the nearby stables and pony farm, or simply relaxing on the sundecks or in the hammock … Cows quietly grazing on the pastures complete the mountain idyll. Different sundecks and lounge areas around the chalet offer private corners and ample space for shared activities and fun.

Glühwürmchenhütte, a lovingly renovated chalet dating from the 17th century with modern technical facilities and a cozy atmosphere, is available all year round for your special vacation. Romantikhütte was built in 2018 and is a modern reinterpretation of a log cabin with an open-plan design and large windows.

Your special chalet experience in the Styrian Feistritz valley – wellness, sports, relaxation!


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Glühwürmchenhütte - Sauna mit Panoramaverglasung

Stone pine sauna with panoramic glazing

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Glüwürmchenhütte & Romantikhütte - Romantisches Lagerfeuer

Outdoor campfire

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Solitary and quiet location

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Herb garden

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Children’s playground

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Pond with hammock and waterfall

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Right on the toboggan run

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5 minutes from the Hauereck ski lift


Chalet Firefly – Glühwürmchenhütte – was built in 1635 as a farmhouse in Strallegg and was inhabited there until 1976

In 1978, the titles to the house were transferred from the Straußberger family to the Marschall family. In the same year, Peter Tiefengraber, a farmer and carpenter from Kogelhof, disassembled it and rebuilt it at its present location in the following year.

Its last state before it was taken over consisted of several rooms: a parlour with a workplace for journeymen and an open fireplace, which was later replaced with a brick stove with a baking oven, a separately fuelled copper boiler, and a chimney. The third corner of the parlour was furnished with corner benches and a farmhouse style table, and of course the house altar with a crucifix. In addition, there was a small parlour, a bedroom in the attic, a threshing floor and a small attached farmhouse.

This “little sister” of Glühwürmchenhütte was disassembled and rebuilt by Peter Tiefengraber in 1977; since then it is used as a second home in the mountain pasture.

The name Chalet Firefly is from its present owners – in their first summer, they saw so many fireflies that it more or less imposed itself.

Between 2018 and 2020, Romantikhütte (Chalet Romance), a pinewood log cabin, and the fishpond were built. The defining features of Romantikhütte are its large windows, open-plan design, and loving attention to details.